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Assalamu'alaikum. Warohmatullohi wabarokatuh.. :D

(May the Peace, Mercy and Blessing of Allah be Upon You)

About Channel

Hi My Friends. This is about My Channel on Youtube. I originally open a youtube channel at the beginning 2019. The first purpose creating this youtube channel was to record my timetrial in Tourist Trophy Games. But i'm kinda bored with this so i try another games but with timetrial mode too (some cars games such as Gran Turismo 4). And at sometime... i feeling happy just to see a cars, motorcycle, and another vehicles. At that time i quit make video to just get a fastest record. I create new video and change all of the description of old video to suit my new channel goal. "Collecting the vehicles in the video games". Get info about vehicles, run the games, choose the track, combined gameplay and replay. And enjoy my video myself. I know i can't make other people enjoying my video but at least it can enjoy me and some another people. :D

thanks a lot if my video makes you happy or like. but i'm sorry if my video doesn't make you happy / like you can just give the dislike button, or just give a criticism comments. this is also a support that you give.

After being all of people force to work at home (2020). I Also added the steering wheel cam just to make my video unique.. :D

And before end of 2020 year. I change my channel name into 2LTT, yes it still meaning of 2LapsTimeTrial, but because i don't make any time trial again, sometime other people thinks it a timetrial channel.. so i just change the name into the 2LTT. My main goal still same but will add more non racing games.

  • Collect vehicles
  • Gameplay with Steering wheel
  • Non Racing gameplay with steering wheel

 About Me

I was born in 1985. And a Gamer since 1994-2006. I married at 2009, have child in 2010(boy) and 2018 (girls). My main work as a driver since 2006-2014 (private driver, document courier). I also opened a internet cafe with Linux OS at 2008-2009. And for 2015 until now i work as a freelance driver, manage my fathers kindergaten school, and freelance tax management software support. Mainly i work at home... :D so before 2020 i work mainly at home.. ;-)


This is my gaming history, my first play was a nes console (nes that the cartridge is only half) i forget the name. The nes is gift from my father's younger sister. I'm very happy for that... :D but i can'f afford any cartidge games after that. At this time until my father have pc. I just watch other friend play such as console from NES, SNES, SEGA. Sometimes i visit my neighbour or the gamestore just to watch in hope i can play free. Sometimes it works. :D

My father work with PC, so i look into it. And it has some games, qbasic games gorilla... XD, helicopter ah so much fun. But i can't play it too long, because it for work. The pc version is a lot play with them (Doom, Need For Speed, destruction derby2) Destruction derby 2 is a lot time playing it (and from this games i learn the feeling how to drive in real life).

When PS 1 Came out, of course i can't afford. Same as previous behaviours, just watch the other plays / visiting my friends / gamestore in hope i can play free,,,... xD. Sometime i buy the magazine to get to know about games. but still i can't afford any console... xD Just happy with my parents pc and games that installed.

At the Beginning 2000 a ps2 will came out, and i really want that, i just collecting my pocket money from parrents, and finally i can buy the first console PS2 several years after the PS2 release, and the favourite games is racing games (burnout, gran turismo 4, motogp, rpg final fantasy etc). At the end of 2006, i was graduate from my university. At that time i just forgetting all the games that i have. Sell the PS2 console.I focuse how to get the job.


At the beginning of 2019 finally i can work mainly at home. And get more times. Of course this free time i manage to fullfill my dream when child. I bring back my console, from PS2, old console and newer console, and also i build my pc modern and old (win98).

And here is the channel like to be.. :D

Okay that's about channel and me, hope you enjoy my channel..

Wassalamualaikum Warohmatullohi Wabarokatuh.. :)

(May the Peace, Mercy and Blessing of Allah be Upon You)

Enjoy & Subscribe My Channel if you like... :)

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