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How to Use Steering Wheel in Assoluto Racing

If you want to use steering wheel in Assoluto Racing there's a way. You can buy a basic Steering wheel with basic Analog that remmaped from original stick (PS3 or PS4) (when connected to PC it's detected as normal stick). not advanced such as Logitech, Driving force gt etc. Just plug in and play.

But if you want to use Steering such as DFGT, Logitect G27, etc. Then you will need buy more equipements.

  1. Chronusmax Plus
  2. Xbox 360 Controller (buy used / that can recognized by Chronusmax)
  3. Must have laptop/pc, because chronusmax need a PC/Laptop
  4. OTG Cable if you want to play in android phone/tablet.

Software that needed:

  1. Chronusmax X-input (
  2. xbox360ce (included in Chronusmax X-input)
  3. Original Software for Chronuxmax. (Chronus Pro).

How to use steering wheel (all apps must run as administrator):

  1. Copy all chronusmax x-input into Chronusmax directory in program files.
  2. Plug the steering wheel in PC / Laptop.
  3. Run xbox360ce until dfgt is detected (need internet connection)
  4. Configure the steering wheel with xbox 360ce. (it's easy just set what you want).
  5. Plug in the chronusmax to pc. (form port mini usb).
  6. Plug in the xbox 360 controller to Chronusmax (using usb slot).
  7. Plugin the chronusmax to Android (using otg/ usb for mini pc)
  8. Then run x-input, set into xbox360ce.
  9. Run Chronusmax pro -> Plugin -> x-aim.
  10. Go to direct input -> DI Settings - Choose the controller.
  11. Enable the direct input.
  12. Then choose xbox360/one x-input from drop down menu.
  13. Then enter capture mode.
  14. Test it via device monitor.
  15. If it work. Enjoy.... :D

If you have problem, you can comment in any my youtube channel videos.. :)

This tutorial work also if you want to use any controller that cronusmax doesnt support. But detected in xbox360ce. You can mapping the controller with that. So you can play PS4, Xbox360, PS4 with wide variety of controllers..

Hope it usefull .and have a nice day bro/sis... :)

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