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This website is my place to organize my Video from my Youtube Channel (2LapsTimeTrial). My Channel is About Racing Games. I started my channel for the first time with Tourist Trophy Content, i run the games 2 laps each bike. Based on that i give my channel name -> 2LapsTimeTrial. And also buy domain with that name. However, over time. I was even more interested in collecting cars and motorbikes in video games. So even though the name of this channel is 2lapstimetrial, it does not mean the content is only running 2 Laps to get best result, but also i make videos related to vehicles (especially cars and bike) in racing video games. Display information about car, connection into wikipedia articles. So my goal is my channel can become a videopedia about cars and motorbikes in video games.

Hope you enjoy my Channel.. Thanks. And Have a nice day.. :)