Apple A2M6014 AppleColor: An Iconic RGB Monitor for the Apple IIgs


The Apple A2M6014, also known as AppleColor, is a highly regarded RGB monitor designed specifically for the Apple IIgs computer. With its compact size and exceptional display quality, this monitor has become an iconic choice among Apple enthusiasts. In this article, we will explore the features and specifications of the Apple A2M6014.

Sleek Design and Compact Size:

The Apple A2M6014 boasts a sleek and stylish design, characteristic of Apple products of the era. Its compact 11″ size makes it a perfect fit for desktop setups, providing a clear and vibrant display without taking up excessive space.

Impressive RGB Connectivity:

Designed to work seamlessly with the Apple IIgs, the AppleColor monitor accepts analog RGB signals through a proprietary 15-pin D connector. This allows for high-quality color reproduction and ensures compatibility with a variety of devices, including game consoles. The CSYNC sync type further enhances the monitor’s compatibility and performance.

Superior Resolution and Aspect Ratio:

Featuring support for resolutions of 240p and 480i, the Apple A2M6014 delivers sharp and detailed imagery for a variety of applications. With an aspect ratio of 4:3, it provides a classic and balanced visual experience, perfectly suited for retro computing and gaming.

Adjustments for Optimal Viewing:

The AppleColor monitor offers various adjustment options to fine-tune the display according to individual preferences. Internal potentiometers allow for on-screen adjustments, while external potentiometers provide convenient control over settings such as brightness, contrast, and color balance. These features empower users to optimize the viewing experience to their liking.

Quality Tube and Display Technology:

Equipped with a high-quality Mitsubishi tube, the Apple A2M6014 ensures excellent image quality and color reproduction. The 90-degree deflection angle enables a wide viewing area, allowing users to comfortably enjoy the display from different angles.

Enhanced Visual Experience:

The monitor features a shadow mask, which helps to deliver accurate and well-defined images. The dark tint further enhances the contrast and sharpness of the display, contributing to an immersive visual experience for users.

Application and Country of Manufacture:

The Apple A2M6014 AppleColor monitor is primarily intended for use as a computer monitor, specifically with the Apple IIgs computer. Its compatibility and performance make it an excellent choice for gaming, productivity tasks, and other computer-related activities. Manufactured in Japan, the monitor reflects the renowned quality and precision associated with Japanese electronics.

Automatic Degaussing for Picture Clarity:

The Apple A2M6014 incorporates automatic degaussing functionality, ensuring optimal picture clarity and reducing color distortions caused by magnetic interference. This feature activates automatically when the monitor is powered on, allowing for hassle-free operation.

In Conclusion:

The Apple A2M6014 AppleColor monitor is an iconic and highly regarded RGB display designed for the Apple IIgs computer. With its compact size, superior image quality, and extensive adjustment options, it provides a satisfying visual experience for retro computing enthusiasts. Whether you’re gaming, working, or simply appreciating the classic aesthetics of Apple products, the Apple A2M6014 delivers a reliable and immersive display. Manufactured by Apple, a renowned name in the industry, this monitor represents a significant contribution to the Apple IIgs ecosystem and continues to be cherished by collectors and enthusiasts alike.

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