Converting RCA Composite PAL/NTSC Signal for NTSC/PAL-Only TVs: A Budget-Friendly HDMI Converter Solution


Hello everyone! When it comes to modern TVs, they generally have the capability to automatically detect PAL/NTSC signals. However, older TVs like CRTs may not accept signals from a different region. For instance, if you have a TV from Europe, it is likely PAL, and it won’t accept an NTSC signal, and vice versa. The result may be flickering or a black and white display with a moving screen.

There are tools available that can handle this issue by using an NTSC and PAL selector. Unfortunately, the tools I used didn’t work or didn’t do anything at all. It’s possible that the tools I have are faulty, so I decided to try other methods.

My solution involved converting any PAL/NTSC signal to HDMI and then outputting it to an AV signal with a PAL/NTSC switch. Here’s how I set it up:

I connected the RCA input to the AV2 HDMI converter, and then I connected the output to the HDMI2AV converter. Both of these tools require separate USB power cables. However, despite the additional cables, the results, in my opinion, look good.

I tested this method with a Nintendo 64 (EUR) on a Mini CRT TV using an NTSC signal.

That’s all there is to it. You can try my method if other solutions haven’t worked for you.

Have a nice day!

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