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Driving Emotion Type S, developed by Escape (a subsidiary of Square), is a racing game that was released in Japan on March 30, 2000. This game boasts officially licensed cars from various international manufacturers and offers multiple gameplay modes, including a training mode and two-player functionality.

I happen to own the Japanese version of this game, but it comes with a slight drawback in terms of handling. When using a regular controller, the cars feel quite slippery on every road, as if driving on ice.

In an attempt to overcome this issue, I decided to use a Namco NegCon controller, hoping for improved results. However, the problem persisted, and it remained challenging to control the cars in the game, with the feeling of driving on icy terrain persisting.

Despite these handling difficulties, there are certain settings in the game that allow for adjustments to the driving experience, albeit not perfect. Unfortunately, I do not have the European or US versions of the game, which reportedly have some fixes for the handling. Nonetheless, I primarily keep this game in my collection and rarely play it.

While Driving Emotion Type S may not enjoy the same level of popularity as games like Gran Turismo 3 or 4, I believe that with some polishing and a more comfortable controller, it has the potential to become a great racing game.

That’s all for now. If you would like to see gameplay footage, you can see below:

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