What’s Inside the Box of Crash Bandicoot Racing NTSC-J for Playstation?


Greetings, gaming enthusiasts! Welcome to my blog, where I unravel the captivating world of gaming and today, I have an exciting gem to share with you. Join me as we explore Crash Bandicoot Racing, a thrilling racing game developed by Naughty Dog, released on December 16, 1999, with a unique twist – it’s the Japanese edition!

Front Cover

Crash Bandicoot Racing, known as “Crash Bandicoot Racing: Bakuso! Nitro Kart” in Japan, takes us on a high-speed journey with Crash and his pals through a vibrant world filled with challenging tracks, power-ups, and intense racing action. Experience the thrill of speed as you compete against iconic Crash Bandicoot characters in a quest to become the ultimate racing champion.

I was fortunate to acquire the complete set of Crash Bandicoot Racing in its Japanese edition. This includes the game disc, packaging, and the accompanying manual that provides invaluable insights into the gameplay mechanics, character backstories, and tips and tricks to conquer the tracks.

Back Cover
The CD
Manual (in Japanese)
Spyro Brochure
Another Booklet

Only that… 😀 This game, also known as Crash Team Racing in English, offers an incredibly enjoyable experience. Have a fantastic day and happy gaming!

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