XBHD: The Best Component AV Cable for the Classic Xbox that I Use


Hi, everyone! Today, I want to share some information about AV cables for the Xbox Classic/Original Xbox. I have tried using both the stock Composite cable and other generic Component Cables, but I wasn’t satisfied with the results. I decided to look for the Xbox Component Cable and found the original one called Microsoft HD AV Pack. However, it is hard to find nowadays in 2023. So, I searched for an alternative and came across XOSVP.

XOSVP is an open-source alternative to the Microsoft HD AV Pack, aiming to provide the best analog video quality for your original Xbox. You can find more information about it on GitHub at: https://github.com/DiscoStarslayer/XOSVP

However, since I don’t have good DIY skills in electronics, I looked for a ready-to-use solution and found the XBHD on eBay. You can find it here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/394415100731

Here are the notable features of XBHD – Xbox High Definition Adapter:

  • It offers RCA and Optical audio out, so you don’t have to choose between them; both are included onboard.
  • It features a cutting-edge video amplifier by Texas Instruments called THS7376, which is specifically tailored for 480p through 1080p video signals and provides superior amplification compared to the THS7316.
  • It includes an EMI filtering circuit along the video traces.
  • The PCB layout has been carefully designed following Texas Instruments video amplifier guidelines, with some inspiration taken from XOSVP by DiscoStarslayer.

The XBHD supports 480i, 480p, 720p, and 1080i video modes and offers 2.1 Analog audio and 2.1 – 5.1 Surround sound Optical output. Each unit is tested once upon assembly and again before shipment.

For the best analog audio and video experience, it is recommended to use HD Retrovision male-to-male component cables.

The XBHD comes with a 3D printed enclosure and PCB that have been designed specifically for this product, making it unique.

XBHD Component Output

In my experience, the XBHD delivers component output to monitors with VGA output while also providing audio output. It is a plug-and-play device, requiring no additional USB power. I have achieved excellent results, especially when combined with the OSSC 480p line 2x video processing.

VGA output from xbox
xbox input to console
it deliver sounds

I have tested the XBHD on an 8K 55-inch TV, as well as on my PC CRT monitors, and I am pleased with the sharp visuals, absence of artifacts, and flickering. It far surpasses the quality of generic or no-brand component cables. Even on an 8K TV, the performance remains impressive, in my opinion.

8K TV 55 inch

In conclusion, I believe that the XBHD is worth the investment. Thank you for reading, and have a nice day!

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